I design business strategies to help grow and improve your bottom line.

Forward-Thinking People Think-Backward.

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Whether it's growing revenue, increasing efficiency, or improving team engagement and culture, we work together to drive results that matter.

Business Coaching

Let’s talk about your business. I want to spend some time understanding what you have in place now and how your company might improve on it.

Forward-Thinking People Think-Backward

Leveraging a sharp focus on your business strategies and operations, I am committed to unleashing the innovative spirit within your team, thereby accelerating your growth trajectory. Together, we will construct a robust foundation of resilience, enhancing the ability to make strategic decisions. This approach aligns perfectly with Don Enos' guiding philosophy: "Forward-Thinking People Think-Backwards." By embracing this mindset, we're set to embark on a journey that leads to sustainable success and shines a spotlight on your brightest achievements. Let's begin this transformative chapter together.


As your consultant, I strive to guide you towards success by shedding light on strategic pathways. Our aim is to enhance your operations and refine your strategies with a forward-thinking perspective. Together, we seek to uncover innovative solutions, strengthen your resilience, nurture leadership qualities, and orchestrate your journey towards sustainable growth and industry leadership.


In my role as your coach, I facilitate profound transformation, unlocking the untapped potential within your team. Together, we nurture resilience and enhance your decision-making capabilities, laying the foundation for enduring success and the attainment of a leading position in your industry. Your distinctive journey towards success commences right here, guided by the principle of "Thinking-Backward."

How Can I Serve Your Business?

Business Consulting

With so many responsibilities vying for your attention, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and struggle to focus on what truly matters for your business. I understand the challenges you face, and my mission is to help you thrive by ensuring that you can devote your time and energy to working "on" your business rather than getting caught up in the daily grind.

I'm here to be your trusted partner, offering the support and guidance you need to actively engage in strategic initiatives, long-term planning, and critical decision-making. By taking care of the operational aspects and streamlining your workflow, I aim to give you back the clarity and freedom to pursue what you're truly passionate about—driving your business forward and achieving lasting success. Together, we'll navigate the journey ahead, empowering you to make a meaningful impact and create a thriving business that aligns with your vision.

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Business Coaching

When it comes to enhancing a small business, business owners often find themselves in a quandary, being deeply involved in their products or services without knowing where to begin improving. Many daily challenges, such as managing cash flow, handling competition, and addressing employee concerns, can easily lead to burnout and overwhelm.

Imagine having the support of a knowledgeable small business coach by your side. With their expertise, you can confidently concentrate on your day-to-day operations while simultaneously nurturing your brand, expanding your services, and surpassing your competitors. This partnership allows you to maximize your potential and achieve sustainable growth while relieving the burden of navigating the complexities of business ownership alone.

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My Approach to Your Success About Don Enos

Hello, I'm Don Enos, the founder of Don Enos Real Estate, Coaching, and Consulting.

I take a personalized approach to business consulting, personalized coaching, and real estate. My philosophy "Forward-Thinking People Think-Backward," emphasizing the value of "Forward-Thinking" and working backwards.

I'm dedicated to providing you with the attention and guidance you need to be successful. You will receive comprehensive support throughout our relationship, including regular check-ins, progress evaluations, and feedback. My goal is to ensure that you stay on track and achieve your business goals.

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